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The original Miniveyor® portable mini conveyor system was created by us in the early 1990’s to offer a light, portable

and flexible conveying system for confined space work and represents one of the most powerful and flexible

solutions for the rapid deployment of a temporary conveyor system.

Designed initially for hard rock, narrow reef mining, the adoption of our NEW mine spec Miniveyor can reduce the labour

count in underground mining, provide for an increased level of productivity, safety, improved general

working environment and the removal of “all or as much as possible” ore from the face

The original Miniveyor system is probably the safest system in the world and has numerous safety features built in as standard. Our new mine spec models take it to an even higher level to handle a tough mining environment. We do not compromise on safety.

Mine spec PORTABLE haulage SYSTEM

Mine spec miniveyor


Increasingly mining operators now see spillage control as a major focus and Miniveyor conveyors are the ideal tool to clean up spillage and debris from production belts, mills, crushing plants, and transfer points.

Why use outdated equipment such as wheelbarrows and buckets when the Miniveyor can do the work faster while also helping reduce the amount of injuries on the job? Each of our Miniveyors can be connected end to end, creating a conveyor belt as long as needed. In fact, it is so simple to use that a 30-metre belt can be constructed in as little as 15 minutes, ready to move upwards of 20 tons an hour.

Due to its size, weight and flexibility Miniveyor, previously only deployed for scavenging under belts or belt spillage clean-up, is now employed in all sectors of the mining industry, from clearing of mud rushes to cleaning shaft bottoms.

Spillage control and clean-up

Reduce time & labour

Miniveyor solution

To efficient exploitation


Miniveyor is also ideal for clearing debris following fall of ground incidents.

The versatility of miniveyor lends itself in the maintenance of existing plant such as ball mills and smelter furnaces where access is a problem

‘The Miniveyor modular conveyor system could be just one of many innovations that propels this challenged sector of the mining industry towards the sustained viability that the Stakeholders genuinely desire’

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Every part of the system has been

designed with safety in mind. The control

box circuit is 24V AC and has a monitored

loop safety system to protect the electrical circuit if it is compromised. NVR switches are fitted as standard so the system will not re-start if power is lost.


The drive unit and tail pulley are contained within the frame offering NO pinch or nip points and the belt edges are protected under guard. A pre-start delay with warning buzzer is fitted as standard, and each module is fitted with two STOP buttons.


Custom electrical connectors are

employed so that the electrical safety

systems cannot be bypassed by operators

and each module has a motor failure

indicator signal light to expedite a quick

change over of modules.

An alternative ore and Waste removal system


Transfer Point Clean up


Under Belt Cleaning

With the aim of increasing the level of productivity under an improved underground environment, whilst simultaneously cutting costs, the introduction of Miniveyor® provides an alternative ore and

waste removal solution to the current systems employed at production and development faces.

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Miniveyor belt spillage solution Miniveyor spillage clean-up solution

The system of Miniveyor® conveyors can be installed by minimal labour (two people can carry a Miniveyor unit)

in a confined space environment. The system is modular allowing for flexibility of installation, therefore and most importantly it to advances with the development faces which standard conveyors are unable to do.

The  Miniveyor® system is able to transport up to 390 tons in a 6.5 hour cleaning shift. Constructed from aircraft grade aluminium and stainless steel, Miniveyor is very

robust, having been designed for arduous conditions. With correct maintenance protocols in place the units will provide many years of service.

The modular conveyor system, unlike conventional extraction systems, is able to remove all or a very high percentage of all ore blasted, particularly fines which are deemed to be carrying higher value than the larger fraction. The modular conveyor system does not generate additional fines by extra attrition. This may then preclude the need to undertake costly vamping programs as faces advance and new sections are developed (opened). It would also improve cash-flow as an expected higher MCF should be achieved. Add to this the reduction in waste developments tons, brought about by smaller gulley dimension requirements, and the savings can be considerable.

The NEW mine spec Miniveyor provides for a quiet, fume/dust free and safe environment compared to conventional systems. This effectively translates to a

much reduced ventilation requirement which will

save the mine material costs in energy consumption and excavation.

Miniveyor Drive Units Miniveyor Discharge Hopper

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